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The Rules of Survival Hack tool is here. It allows you to generate thousands of coins at absolutely no cost. What’s the catch you may ask? There’s no catch really, we just want to help out. We are gamers ourselves and know how it feels to not have the money to pay for resources. Therefore we went out our way to find working Rules of Survival Cheats. To our big disappointment, we did not manage to find good ones. This lead to us starting to develop one ourselves. At first it was a really terrible tool, but after a lot of testing and perfection, it’s now here. It will allow you to generate a bunch of free coins within just a couple of minutes. It’s definitely the best Rules of Survival Hack out there right now. We hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you on the battlefield.

How To Use the Rules of Survival Hack To Get Free Coins

  1. Go to the generator page.
  2. Enter your username & select your OS.
  3. Decide how many resources you want.
  4. Generate the resources.
  5. Verify that you are not a robot.

The resources will then be drip-fed to your account over a 1 hour period. We’ve been asked a lot about our human verification procedure. You have to know that it’s not something that we wanted to implement, but rather something that we had to implement. Thing is that our Rules of Survival Hack tool has been abused by some people. They resell the resources for money on various forums’. It became quite a lucrative business for them, and as we did not want to support that, and since they crashed our servers, we had to find a way to fix it. We tried a lot of methods: CAPTCHA’s, ReCAPTCHA’s, puzzles and so much more. Those methods kept the bots away for a couple of hours, and then they came back. These methods simply didn’t work, and we had to find another way. This lead to us implementing a human verification step. You basically have to complete a quick offer, and then we know that you are human. So far bots have not been able to complete these as the offers are dynamic. We hope that it stays that way, but if you have other suggestions on how we can keep bots away, then feel free to drop us a message. Much appreciated!

A Very Popular Game

Rules of Survival is an intense, solo-combat, winner takes all mobile game. It was first released in November 2017 and has grown in popularity since. This game speaks to the adventure seekers in the gaming world, and those who like to take on massive crowds to claim a single victor at the end of a battle. Players will find themselves fighting to the death and using an array of exciting and powerful weapons, not to mention their cunning stealth to become the winner. This game is free to start with gameplay, but you can buy elements along the way to help strengthen your gameplay.

Rules of Survival

This game is really interesting because it allows up to 120 players from all over the world to play together. Perhaps your winning strategy will be to hide and let everyone else do the hard work for you. Or maybe you are going to get your hands dirty and ensure your place at the top of the survival list. This is a “last man standing” kind of game. You’ll find that the gameplay moves very quickly and you aren’t sure if you are coming or going at times throughout the battle rounds.

You can choose to take on the masses alone, or you can get a group together of up to 4 players to take on the other 116 people who are in the game. Remember that working with a group of people can help you win overall, but at the end of the day, even your “teammates” need to be taken out to secure your victory.

Rules of Survival is a “battle royale” style game. This means that you need to stay in specific areas to maintain optimal health. The game is also an opponent of sorts because it will deal out damage to players who stray too far away from the action. Eventually, you are going to have to get in on the effort to stay alive, and hopefully win the round.

When you first enter the game, you will not have any weapons or armor to protect yourself. You’ll need to act fast to gather the supplies and weapons you need to stay alive. Many new players find themselves dead before they ever come close to getting their hands on a weapon, so keep your eyes peeled for players hiding in the wings waiting for newbies to come along. You are air-dropped into the island, where the game takes place. You’ll want to find yourself a vehicle to move around the island quickly and easily.  If you can get around faster than your counterparts on foot, this will also help you avoid getting killed.

Your player will have primary attributes as you begin to play the game, but as you continue throughout the gameplay, you can upgrade the characteristics of your character to make them stronger, faster, and to look better overall. Don’t forget to find a helmet to make sure you don’t take any unforeseen headshots while in transit or moving about the island.

When it comes to strategy, you’ll want to get high, so you can see the game map from a bird’s eye view. Staying on the ground makes you susceptible to sniper shots coming from the buildings above. The island is deserted, but you better believe that people are there. Just because you can’t see anyone doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking in the shadows. Always look up as you move about buildings to watch for guns in windows and on rooftops. Your best bet is to hunker down in an abandoned building with a good view of the map around you. As players approach your position, you can take them out before they even see you. Keep in mind that many players will employ this strategy as well so watch other windows and buildings when you are perched in your tower.

Because of the drop-in nature of the game, you can continue gameplay for as long as you need to to win. You might find yourself going quite some time without seeing another player, but again, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. When you launch the game, you may find yourself right in the middle of a mob, so move fast to acquire weapons before they do. As you arrive at the island, check out the map from the airplane to scout good spots and high ground.

How long does the game take to play, you ask? That depends on your ability to stay alive. Like all games, you can exit and enter as you wish, but the longer you stick around and take on the opponents of the game, the higher level you can reach and the stronger your character becomes. The only goal is to stay alive the longest. There are no rules of engagement, and you can do what you need to do to ensure your safety.